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Why choose Coast to Coast Transportation?

  • Save 10-15% in miles driven.
  • Consolidate your freight.
  • We use equipment that utilizes
    advanced alternative fuels such as

Environmental Effects

Commercial freight carriers travel over 200 billion miles a year. These trucks consume over 55 billion gallons of fuel annually and account for over 20% of transportation-related energy use. In one year these trucks produce approximately 350 million metric tons of carbon. Since over-the-road transportation is the preferred way to move goods throughout the country these numbers are expected to expand dramatically over the next decade. Coast to Coast Transportation is working to establish a "Ship Green" initiative to help reduce these statistics. The future of the transportation industry and the future of our environment depends on it.


Technologies and Strategies

Throughout our vast resources and carrier base we utilize those carriers with established programs to reduce fuel usage and emissions. These programs include: